Aseptic tubes on the left.
(I feel fear!)
Blipping machines on the right.
(I feel fear!)
A pungent light over me.
(Where am I?)
she's still alive, doctor!

Needles stick in my arms.
(I feel fear!)
Hammering pain in my leg.
(I feel fear!)
I remember my youth.
(Where is it?)
She's still alive, doctor!

Another emergency.
(I feel fear!)
It hurts but I can't scream.
(I feel fear!)
Nurses execrate me.
(I'm ashamed.)
It's coming out, doctor!

Sutures are bursting now.
(I feel fear!)
Bedpan's empty today.
(I feel fear!)
I can see them barf in their hands.
(Cry inside!)
I have to leave, doctor!

Tears in eyes, hopes in vain,
as we join metabolic maze!
Tears in eyes, hopes in vain
dam up at metabolic maze!

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